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Hi Guys,

Thank-you for coming back and being a fan of my blog.

Over the past 3 years, a lot has changed with my business and personal life. I have gone through a divorce, closed shop, sold the majority of my supplies and learned how to start over from scratch.

I am pretty fortunate though that I was able to refind myself through enjoying the outdoors and being with great company. Here are some pictures from over the past year. These particular pictures are special to me...

My life so far has been similar to climbing within a Mt. range, many steep climbs and slippery falls, but the journey isn't yet complete, I am still eyeballing up the summit. Though the summit may be regarded as fiercely unapproachable and often times scary, I am up to the challenge.

So the creative juices are flowing and I am hoping the unveil my new project with the upcoming year of 2015.

Love Charissa