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Hi Guys,

Thank-you for coming back and being a fan of my blog.

Over the past 3 years, a lot has changed with my business and personal life. I have gone through a divorce, closed shop, sold the majority of my supplies and learned how to start over from scratch.

I am pretty fortunate though that I was able to refind myself through enjoying the outdoors and being with great company. Here are some pictures from over the past year. These particular pictures are special to me...

My life so far has been similar to climbing within a Mt. range, many steep climbs and slippery falls, but the journey isn't yet complete, I am still eyeballing up the summit. Though the summit may be regarded as fiercely unapproachable and often times scary, I am up to the challenge.

So the creative juices are flowing and I am hoping the unveil my new project with the upcoming year of 2015.

Love Charissa


t's for christmas?

Hi Guys, It's been very busy lately, lots of images flashing through my mind like faded memories.
It has been a lot of hard work and somewhat enjoyable pushing out products for others. Still looking to develop the business a bit more creatively, but, every business has to start somewhere.

Here's some pictures of some projects :)

Merry Christmas Everyone, I hope you liked your shirts!!

I'll post pictures once I know you've opened them :)


Sweet clothing I made for myself.

First I tried to make sushi an elfs hat, she looked at her reflection and immediately shook the hat off. Then feeling inspired I crocheted my first beret!

Then a few days later I printed this sweet crab and octopus onto some plush american apparel garments. Feeling pretty spoiled that I can create pretty much whatever I want. Excited for more creativity!



My neighbour August is a great guy. He is super melo and friendly. He is the local Graphic Designer and Sign Maker in Ucluelet. He gave me this order for the local laundry mat and I was super stoked at the opportunity to have a shot at working with local businesses.

This morning I prepared the screens to do some printing for the the the laundromat. This afternoon I will print the shirts... I am patiently waiting for my screens to dry.

One thing I've noticed for sure is that the humidity in Ucluelet really doesn't help the screen drying process. It took a few hours for my screens to dry. Back in Alberta when I worked in Bolli- slave dryin screen printing shop our screens dried so fast- approx 10 mins. What a world of difference!

Here's the prints, literally hot off the press!


Screen Printing


Officially Billygoat Silk- Screen and Design is OPERATING!! I am so excited. With a lot of hard work from my awesome hubby, he has made it possible for me to facilitate my passion and operate my business.

So get ready to set sails with me in Ukee...

Also a very exciting prospect as been proposed to me about teaching classes. A summer schedule with details will be posted soon. Start brain storming and preparing your pictures... ahhh, sweet t-shirt heaven.

Charissa :)


Silk screening press

Sourced out some printing equipment... only had to catch two ferries. Travelled from Ucluelet to Campbell River(long drive)then caught the first ferry to Quadra Island and from there went to Cortez Island. It was a neat adventure and a great deal since the equipment was so far out of the way.
The feeling of coming home with all this equipment was quite overwhelming and exciting at the same time. Thanks to David and Julie for lending out the flatbed! Now to get all this stuff up a tiny flight of stairs to the second floor of the shop.


Yoga Bands

Yoga Bands allow you to stretch deeper, maintain proper alignment, and reduce your risk of injury while strengthening your body through yoga. These bands are made with durable, high quality post- consumer materials. Dimensions 2" wide x 7' long


dinner pillow work shop

This evening we had some friends over for dinner and as my husband entertained the adults, I showed 4 kids how to make a basic pillow.
To make pillow covers they started at the very beginning. They matched fabric scraps together, drew out on paper for how they wanted there pillow to look like, cut out squares/rectangles, sewed them together and than decided on there pillow size and than sewed the edges together, stuffed the pillow, and than sewed up the edges. Well it took 50 minutes per kid/pillow and here they are:

Megan, exhausted after pillow making

Jordan- " i have nothing else to do, so I might as well"

Kaysen- very talented sewer/ designer(probably future interior decorator, I had no influence in him picking out these fabric scraps!)

Katie was so excited about making this pillow, it is inspired by her future field trip to the Coombs market


Rethinking the Hobo Bag

This bag is made from 100% post- consumer materials. As individual as you.




Quilted Hobo Bags

These unique quilted Hobo Bags are exclusive to Vancouver Island. With an adjustable shoulder strap, recycled vintage fabrics, these bags are guaranteed to be a one of a kind!!!



reduce reuse and recycle

Decorate your fridge with these fun juice lid magnets!!


Some of my favorites: